Payments and appointments

Probation fees are $50 per month. All new cases will have an additional one time $10 start-up fee for a total of $60 due at your first appointment. Conditional Release case follow the same fee schedule.  We except Money orders and cashier’s checks only and no personal check. We cannot cash or except payroll or income tax checks. All Random Drug and Alcohol, tests are $15 each. If your ordered to take mandatory Drug or Alcohol testing more than once per week, you’ll only be charged a flat fee of $30 per month rather than the individual fee for each test which can add up. Before you can start any community service hours you have to pay a onetime community insurance fee. The fee is $15 for 1- 50 hrs, $30 for 51- 100 hrs, $45 for 101 to 150 hrs and so on. The fee must be paid before any hours can be completed. The Vehicle Immobilization fee for DUI cases is a onetime fee of $100 for 10 days, $200 for 30 days, and $300 for 90 days.  Restitution cases requires a $3.50 surcharge with each payment for processing payments and checks to the Victims. If you have any questions about these or any other fees or charges, please contact your Probation Officer.

You are expected to take the time to make the necessary preparations well in advance to make your scheduled appointments on time.  Walk-ins are always welcome if you would like to come in early in advance of your normally scheduled appointment.

All appointments will be scheduled between the 1st and 10th of each month with all mail in cases due in the office on or before the 5th of each Month.

If you do not have all of your monthly payment at your scheduled appointment, you are to be caught-up and paid in full by the 21st of each month.