Hurricane Instructions

Please Read: If a storm is headed this way call first to insure were open. If closed follow instructions.

Due to the potential impact of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms to our area the Office may be closed for a few days. If the office closes and it affects any scheduled appoints during that time, those appointments will be rescheduled for a later date in the Month, or possibly the first of the following month if you have enough time remaining in your case. If your Appointment is affected by a storm it is up to you to follow up and obtain your new appointment date. Failure to follow up as instructed could result in a violation.  If a storm is projected to hit this are you are to take the same actions as any other individual and take care of your family, Property, and then probation. If you must evacuate the area you do not have to call for permission first. Just leave a detailed voice mail “Name, Cell Phone number, where you are staying, and that you understand what to do.” You are to report back by phone every two days and leave a recorded update. One you have returned home follow the instructions above on when to report. If your on a GPS notify the GPS provider also.